25 July 2012

Drifting: What its All About

Since I am using my husband's laptop while we are traveling, I don't have my photos and software I like using. I do, however, have enough drift footage to watch for a year. (I really don't think that is an exaggeration.)

So, I figure now is a good time to tell you about this "hobby" that has taken over my life.

I wasn't quite sure how to start explaining so, of course, I google'd it. "What is drifting?"
This was the top result:

 I find this quite humorous.

How I typically explain it to people when they ask is, you drive a rear wheel drive car on a track with a bunch of turns and you control the oversteer (Like when you fishtail while driving in snow...). Its not about getting through the course the fastest, it is about style. Although speed is important, it is not the only factor. There are certain areas of the track called "clipping points" where the judges would like to see either the front or rear of your car in that zone.

For example:

You can see at the beginning where they go straight and then break the rear wheels loose to whip around the corner.

Now the judging...
There are 3 judges who look at speed, line, angle, and style.
100 points would be perfect. Points are taken off for mistakes. If you spin, straighten, or go off course you get a zero for that round.

Formula Drift explains it really well.

Qualifying is running the course alone and receiving your score from the judges. You are given 2 chances and they automatically use your highest score.
From there, they put you into brackets based on the top 16. This is where the real fun begins. Tandem competition. 1st drives against 16th, 2nd against 15th and so on.
Each car is given a lead and a follow run. The leader needs to have a good line, angle, speed, and style, just like qualifying. Meanwhile, the following car need to take the same line as the first car and get as close as possible. Then, they switch.

It can get pretty intense.

They continue to knock people out of the bracket to get the top 8. From there you get the top 4 victors!

This is an amazingly fun motorsport! It is 100% spectator based. It is fast! It is exciting! It blows any other motorsport out of the water! (In my humble opinion)

For anyone who wants to attend, Team D-Spare is having a drifting expedition at Rocky Mountain Raceway on August 3!
COME! You won't be disappointed!

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