14 July 2012

Remodel Update

I washed the walls and used an oil based primer on the wood paneling. Oh man, oil based primer stinks! It is so terrible. I couldn't be in there too long or I would get a terrible headache and be sick to my stomach. Aside from that, it coated the walls very well and brightened the room incredibly!

The closet is very deep, so I decided I would make it into my vanity. The bathroom is so small and there is very little counter space, this is genius to get all of my stuff out of there. Now I can have my own space for all my junk! :) Every girl's dream.
I was inspired by Orla Kiely's twig design to paint in the closet.

I began painting the closet by hand in this design. I did one wall and it took me 10 hours!

That really wasn't going to work for me so my genius sister-in-law, helped me make a stencil of the wall I had already done. We finished the other 2 walls in a fraction of the time.

I love the built in shelves along the side. I will be able to store a lot of stuff in there. The canisters already on the shelf, I got on clearance at Ikea. They match so perfectly for the look I want.

More soon. I just love how its coming together!

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