27 July 2012

Steal of a Deal!

While hanging out at the hotel here in Pennsylvania, I decided to walk down the strip mall across the parking lot. I went into the Famous Footwear because my favorite flats are pretty dead and I was hoping to find something to replace them.
They were having a Buy one, get one 50% off sale, even on clearance shoes. I found a super cute and comfortable pair of Dr. Scholls flats on clearance for $15! Then I found a pair of Pumas on clearance for $15! I was so excited because I have been wanting a pair of Pumas for while, but I am just too cheap to buy them. ;)
So I take my purchases up to the register and the flats ring up at $15 and the Puma's rang up at $10! With the BOGO 50% off the Pumas were $5!!!   Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?
$20 for both pairs of shoes. I totally scored.
Rest in peace my lovlies

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