12 July 2012

The Whole Story

This morning I arrived at the Laser Center in Salt Lake at 10am. (Which was quite hard to find, I might add.)
I filled out the last bit of paperwork making sure I knew the risks for the 4th time since the consultation. After one last measurement and test on my eyes, I was offered a Valium that I did not hesitate in taking. (I was freaking out a little bit by this point.)
The aftercare rules were explained to me, drops every 4 hours, don't touch your eyes for 2 weeks , and sleep with eye guards.
Attractive, right?
The Doctor checked my the adjustments he was going to make one last time. It was then into the operating room! It really wasn't like an operating room. It was the laser machine room. I laid down on the chair that was "dentist"-like. I had a pillow that formed around my head to keep me from moving. Tested my corneas after putting numbing drops in my eyes. They then taped my left eye shut first and my right eyelids up/down, and used a metal device to keep me from blinking. If it weren't for the Valium I would have been freaking out and crying, but I was so relaxed.
 Now, that is not me, but that's exactly how it went. There was pressure when they put the thing that cuts the eye flap open. At that point you lose your vision and they peel the flap back and then I was able to see again. I was to stare up at a flashing light while the laser worked its magic. That took 11 seconds and there was a funny smell after. The flap gets squeegeed down, dries for a few seconds, and that's it! On to the next eye!
It sounds really terrible when I put it into words. My husband, Brandon, watched. He is pretty squeamish, but he did fine watching, so it can't be that bad. 

While driving home, the numbing drops started to wear off and that's when my eyes started to hurt. I could hardly keep them open. I was really sensitive to the light and they felt all scratchy. We went to the store to get the prescription eye drops and I could hardly keep my eyes open. When we were leaving I couldn't open my eyes at all and Brandon had to guide me to the truck. (I only ran into one parked car.)
When we got home I was so  tired. I put on the lovely eye guards and took a nap. 
I've had to wear sunglasses most of the day, but little by little my eye sight is improving. The doctor said it might fade in and out and since I have astigmatism, it can take months for my vision to be its best.
The only side effect now is red "hickies" on my eyes.
Freaky! I guess this happens because of the suction when they cut open the eye. It can take up to a month to go away completely. A small price to pay really.
I really couldn't be happier! I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so grateful I was able to get it done! If anyone has an opportunity, I would highly recommend it.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them! Hopefully I didn't gross you out too bad. ;)


  1. Ouch! Well I think that it's totally cool that you got this done. I get to be next ok?

    1. You should be next! There is another deal on Living Social! $2,500! Still a great deal.