10 July 2013

Finished Bedroom!

 The Finished closet. I found this mirrored vanity at Home Goods on clearance for $30! A couple of the mirror pieces are cracked, but honestly it's hardly noticeable.

 Starting on the floor. I used Ikea flooring. I LOVE it! I bought the Slatten laminated flooring and it is only $0.65 / sq foot! Amazing.
 It was a little frustrating at first. A few tips; 1. clean out the grooves with a brush before trying to slide the pieces together. 2. Measuring and leaving only a small gap between the wall and flooring is difficult (at least for me) to judge. Always make it a tiny bit bigger than you think it should be. You can always cut it again if the piece is still too big. 3. Store the boxes of laminate flat on the ground. I didn't realize this and had they standing against the wall and a few pieces got warped.

 There was just one corner that gave me some grief. We had to cut it with a hand saw and as you can see, my monkey toes came in handy.

 All finished! I am thrilled with how it turned out. I can't wait to do the rest of my house.
 I was touching up the paint and my cat decided to sit right in the paint tray! Kids.

 Feeling more like a room! This is the Malm dresser from Ikea.

I thought I would want my vanity in the closet, but closet space for clothes was more important. I love my picture collage with mementos.

Not 100% finished but well on its way!

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  1. Amber, the room looks fantastic! Oh and the kitty is adorable too. Don't you just "love" when they try to help out ! ROFLOL!!