12 July 2012

Day 6: Write 100 things about yourself

AH! This is going to be so long! I’ll try to add lots of pictures so it isn’t too boring.

  1. I am 23 years old
  2. I have brown hair
  3. I had braces for 2 years
  4. I love my smile/teeth now
  5. One of the first things I notice about people is their teeth
  6. I’m the middle child
  7. I have green eyes
  8. I currently wear glasses
  9. 12 July I’m getting LASIK!
  10. I love to crochet
  11. My sister and I sing songs from musicals just about every time we are together
  12. I’m 5’6.5″
  14. I’m a daughter of my Heavenly Father
  15. My current favorite colors are teal, pink, white, and gray
  16. I prefer to spell “gray” with an “a” instead of an “e”
  17. I don’t know what the difference is ^^^
  18. I love vintage shopping
  19. I like papercrafting
  20. I’m married
  21. I’ve been married almost 4 years
  22. I have a son named Aaron waiting for me in heaven
  23. I hate doing the dishes
  24. I love Regina Spektor
  25. and Ingrid Michaelson 
  26. I’m 1/4 Samoan
  27. I love makeup
  28. I have a house
  29. I have a black cat named Megan
  30. I need to paint my fingernails
  31. I love to watch kid shows
  32. I could have a conversation using only movie quotes
  33. I graduated high school 5 years ago!
  34. I can wiggle my ears
  35. I like to sew
  36. I’ve been on a cruise
  37. I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon
  38. I was born in California
  39. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  40. I need to mow the lawn, but I really don’t want to
  41. It is way too hot outside for my taste
  42. I like to sleep with lots of pillows surrounding me
  43. I take a lot of pictures of myself
  44. I collect purses
  45. I collect buttons
  46. I collect ribbon
  47. I collect scrapbook paper
  48. I collect pens/pencils/markers… any writing utensils really
  49. I wear size 9 shoes
  50. I love my husband
  51. I want to put together my own drift car
  52. I want to learn to drift
  53. I used to work at JoAnn Craft
  54. I miss it
  55. There are only a few friends I still keep in touch with from my childhood
  56. I very easily get sucked in to Pinterest
  57. I love Boba
  58. I get really hyper when I stay up late
  59. I have a very hard time passing up clearance items
  60. One of my most favorite things to do is sing really loud in the car when I’m driving
  61. I took tap dance classes when I was young (it might have only been 1 class)
  62. One of my ears is lower set than the other
  63. I found crazy cool vintage glasses, for my kitchen, today
  64. My girl crush is Elsie Larsen
  65. I’m going to the new Batman next week
  66. One of my top favorite books is “Ella Enchanted”
  67. I hated the movie ^ It was ALL WRONG
  68. I hate lima beans
  69. and lentils
  70. My favorite animal is either an owl or a giraffe
  71. I’m trying to learn Portuguese
  72. I know almost every word to every Spice Girl song
  73. I’m not ashamed of that ^
  74. I feel accomplished because I mowed the lawn anyway
  75. Amazing projects are in the works
  76. I went to the SLC Farmer’s Market today
  77. I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces
  78. I love candles
  79. When I was in 5th grade I fractures my arm
  80. When I was in 9th grade I dislocated my knee
  81. I have a big vein in my eye that I’m pretty sensitive about
  82. When I was getting my bridal pictures taken, a little girl walking by called me a princes. I felt really special
  83. I’ve always wanted to be a princess
  84. I used to think lady bugs bit you
  85. I have an etsy shop to check out ;)
  86. Puppets creep me out
  87. I love muppets though
  88. I love sushi
  89. Rain makes me smile
  90. I have a Nativity collection
  91. I love chocolate and candy; its terrible
  92. I have dimples
  93. I love my Samoan nose
  94. I only let my friend Opalgene do my hair
  95. I used to hang my clothes up in color order
  96. I’m too lazy to do that now
  97. I used to pierce ears at Claire’s
  98. I actually liked piercing ears
  99. Even though I really hate needles
  100. I’m done!
Wow! That took forever!


  1. I love that you put you only let me do your hair..bwahaha. :)

    1. Well, its true! Ha. Speaking of... I need my hairs did, please and thank you.