06 July 2012

Weekend of Drifting

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Fountain, Colorado for a drift event hosted by Triple Crown Drift. The purple car is my husband's.  We had 4 other drivers from Utah with us.  Together  they make the "D-Spare Drift Team".
 The event was Saturday and Sunday. After practicing all day Saturday, there was a "Sickest Entry Competition". Where all contestants would try to enter the first corner of the track with the most extreme style. With speeds 100+ mph, my husband, Brandon, won first place!

 On Sunday, there was a little practice before qualifying. (I will do a whole post on exactly what drifting is and how the competitions work) Brandon qualified 1st. Then the real fun of Tandem begins. At the end of the day Brandon took 1st and Nick, part of the D-Spare team, took 2nd! The other Utah drivers did incredible as well!

This amazing video was shot with a go-pro and hexacoptor. Pretty much the coolest thing ever. I'm so proud of my husband and the whole team!
xo: Amber

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