17 August 2012

CUTCO: way to go!

Today I got my order of CUTCO knives!

 I ordered the Galley set and with that I got 4 Table knives, a Cheese knife, the Block, and a cutting board! I am never going to need to buy knives again.
They are super high quality and I get free sharpening for life! (Honestly, I'm pretty afraid of slicing off one of my fingers)

My brother Kaleb sold me my CUTCO knives. He is super nice and informative; not pushy!
He lives in Alpine, but can travel up the Wasatch Front.
If you're at all interested, give him a call or text 801-616-7865

Even if you don't want to buy anything, he gets paid just to give you the presentation! It only takes about 30 minutes. (I took about an hour because I couldn't decide what I wanted. Ha.)

Oh, and I'd like to mention he is trying to pay for his mission. Just throwing that out there. ;)

I'm off to prepare something with my new knifies!

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