03 November 2012

Blog Fail and Last Weekend

I've been super busy with, well, life. I won't promise to be better at posting, but I will post as I have time... and remember.

Last weekend my mom and I went to visit my sister at school in Cedar City.
Then while we were there, my brother was in Las Vegas so we took an impromptu trip to see him for the day!

We got some great tickets to see Criss Angel at the Luxor!
I thought I was going to be freaked out because I'm a wimp when it comes to scary stuff. Who knew Criss is actually quite the comedian?!

After the show we did a bit of shopping on the strip and then headed back to Cedar. I think we got back at 4:30am. We were so dead tired.

It was a really quick trip, but I had a really great time!

I got bangs if you couldn't tell.

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