03 January 2013

DIY Bejeweled Clipboard

Yesterday I posted the first part of covering a clipboard with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper. When I was done, the clip was a bit lacking...
The paper is cute, but when you clip anything you won't really be able to see it.  So, I grabbed what seemed an obvious choice to me... my nail art supplies. I also grabbed some bigger jewels I had and got to work.
 I started just gluing the jewels on randomly with the clear fingernail polish. I decided I liked the squares on the bottom, but I ran out.
 I think it turned out alright! After I put all of the large jewels, I filled in the holes with the small jewels and half pearls given to be my sister. ( Thanks sis)

And that's the final project! I hung it on the wall in my bedroom so my husband and I can leave notes for each other.

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