02 January 2013

DIY Covered Clipboard

 I almost feel silly to post a DIY for this, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. So, last night I was using this clipboard to doodle and today on Pinterest I saw this:
 Beautiful right? I thought it would be simple to replicate and so here is my go at it.

 What you will need:
      Mod Podge
      Sponge Brush
      Scrapbook paper
      Scrap Paper
 I made a stencil with the scrap paper and traced it onto my paper. Here is where i messed up a bit. For some reason, I cut the top and had to piece it together. If you do it correctly you will only have cut out the piece that look like the one in the picture below and your paper will fit perfectly around the clip.
 After the paper was all fitted around the clip, I trimmed the edges to fit just smaller than the clipboard just as a personal preference. I also think the edges will less likely come up that way.
 Use your sponge brush and paint the Mod Podge on the back of the paper and fit it up into the clip. I goofed a bit here too. Find something to keep the clip open while the Mod Podge dries so you don't end up with a line, or torn paper.

And that's it!

I had a bit of fun with the clip itself, but I'll put that in a new post. Enjoy!

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