03 July 2012

The Challenge

To get things going I decided to do a 30 day blog challenge.

Day 1: Write a letter to yourself. Answer it a year later.
Day 2: Share your favorite recipe.
Day 3: Write about some of the teachers you had growing up and why you did/did not like them.
Day 4: 10 things you can’t do anymore.
Day 5: Post an old picture and some commentary.
Day 6: Write 100 things about yourself.
Day 7: Write about the top search engine keywords that bring people to your blog.
Day 8: Write about all of the items in your junk drawer.
Day 9: Tell a joke.
Day 10: Top 10 websites you use.
Day 11: Top 10 products you use.
Day 12: Top 10 gadgets you use.
Day 13: Write about something you collect.
Day 14: Post 3 pictures of yourself that you normally would NOT share.
Day 15: Write about how lucky you are to be you.
Day 16: Write about each of the places you’ve called “home.”
Day 17: Write about how much you love something that you know no one else will love.
Day 18: Describe your childhood in sounds and smells.
Day 19: Write a poem.
Day 20: Make a list of random things you think about.
Day 21: Write about your favorite dessert.
Day 22: Write a review of a free software product you like.
Day 23: Write about your first trip abroad.
Day 24: Write about your most embarrassing moment.
Day 25: Write about your mother’s advice.
Day 26: What are you doing tonight?
Day 27: Something in the last 24 hours that made you happy.
Day 28: Write about that one time in band camp.
Day 29: Update old blog posts.
Day 30: Write about a day in the life of your pet.

Found here: http://lifeoflacey.blogspot.com/2010/06/30-days-of-blogging-goodness.html


I’m going to start in a new post.
Here goes nothin’!

xo: Amber

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