10 July 2012

Day 4: 10 things you can’t do anymore

  1. Date (not that I want to)
  2. Wear children sized shoes. (They are always cuter than adult shoes)
  3. Do my hair in crazy styles. In Jr. High, I wore my hair different everyday for a month.
  4. Draw. I think its just because I haven’t really done it for a while, but its definitely not the same.
  5. Pick my nose and offer it to someone saying, “want some salad?”. Yes, I really did that when I was very young.
  6. Play at a Play Place at fast food restaurants. They don’t have the ball pits anymore so I guess I’m not missing out too much.
  7. Write notes to my friends during class. I don’t currently have a class, but texting ruined everything.
  8. Stick my whole fist in my mouth. I just tried it; I can’t anymore.
  9. Get my braces tightened. That was the worst.
  10. Play a few chords on the guitar. That’s depressing, I still want to learn.
That was very difficult for me…

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